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Tips for Fuel Efficiency On Long Road Trips for Austin, TX Drivers

Henna Chevrolet Fuel Efficiency

Thanksgiving is almost here and the roads will be busy with travelers going to see their families to enjoy a festive feast. Driving is one of the most popular ways to travel during Thanksgiving. According to studies, nearly 44 million Americans plan on driving to their destination this year. Long trips in the car will definitely require an extra stop or two at the gas station to fill up your tank. Explore these tips from Henna Chevrolet and find out how to get better fuel efficiency on long road trips.

Check Your Tires

Driving on under-inflated tires can really decrease your fuel efficiency. If your tires get down to around 50% of the recommended level (you can find this information directly on your tires), it can decrease efficiency by 10%. Low tires are also a hazard, so be sure to check tire pressure before you hit the road. Most new Chevrolet vehicles from Henna have a tire-pressure monitoring system that will let you know when the tire pressure gets too low.

Pack Smart

Packing smart will also help you get better fuel efficiency. Clean out your car or truck and remove any items that aren’t necessary for your road trip. Throw away all those to-go coffee cups and fast food wrappers. You’ll need plenty of space for your luggage and weekend carriers. One way to get better efficiency is to avoid the use of rooftop cargo boxes or packing luggage on top of your vehicle. We recommend a cargo tray mounted behind the vehicle instead of the rooftop.

Be Mindful of Your Speed

Don’t drive too fast! Be to sure drive the posted speed limit signs. For every 5 mph you drive above 50 mph, you’ll pay around a quarter more for gas. Most highway speed limits, especially in Texas, are faster. Don’t worry though because driving around 80 mph actually gets you better fuel efficiency. Many highways in Texas have speed limits posted at 75-80 mph with the exception of driving through downtown areas.

Smoother Rides Makes for Better Efficiency

According to, driving too aggressively will decrease your efficiency. Speeding up and stopping frequently will cause you to use more fuel. Driving aggressively also increases your risk for causing a car accident. Drive with ease this year so you make it to granny’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.

For this and other road trip tips, be sure to check out Henna Chevrolet’s Resources. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us to all of you!