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2019 Chevy Silverado | Henna Chevrolet

High-Tech Towing From Chevy

With spring arriving shortly, you’re about to start seeing a lot of recreational toys being towed on the roads. Whether it’s a pair of jet skis, kayaks, a camper, a boat, or whatever else folks require for fun, the only way to get it where you’re going is to tow it.

Towing can be a nerve grinding experience if it’s not something you do pretty regularly. There’s a lot you need to do to keep everything running smoothly; preparations, connections, and driving adjustments.

Thankfully, the new 2019 Chevy Silverado has taken steps to put even first timers on the road to success.

Tow Hookup Checklist

This is a great feature that visually walks you through hooking up your trailer. Using the in-dash display, or while standing outside the truck using the myChevrolet app on your phone, you simply choose what kind of trailer you have and then it walks you through a checklist with images to ensure you have your trailer hooked up properly.

Backup Camera With Hitch View

Chevrolet’s Hitch View is an easy way to get your hitch perfectly lined up with your trailer. Place the truck in reverse and then choose Hitch Mode. The camera then adds an on-screen line that reacts to steering inputs showing you where you need to be in order to line it up properly. As an added safety bonus, hitch mode will automatically apply the parking brake once you put it in park to prevent any movement once the truck is stationary.

Trailer Light Test

To help you ensure all of your truck and trailer lights are in working order, this feature activates your brake lights and turn signals so you can perform a visual inspection without needing another person.

Hill-Hold Assist

The fear of rolling backwards on a hill is a very real one, especially with a trailer attached. With the Silverado’s new electro-hydraulic braking system, the truck can hold itself on an incline without you touching the brake pedal for as long as you desire.

Electro-Hydraulic Braking System

The electro-hydraulic braking system builds brake pressure rapidly helping to mitigate trailer sway in an emergency maneuver.


Available cameras built into the side view mirrors provide a view of the sides of the trailer to assist with hitching, trailer, and parking. There’s also an available rear trailer auxiliary camera that lets you monitor the area behind the trailer.

For all your towing needs, come see us at Henna Chevrolet!

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